• For those who have problems in marriage

For those who have problems in marriage

Marunouchi Soleil Law Office has long been providing counseling services to
the people in need and is now pleased to take this opportunity to extend this service also to the foreign residents in Japan using English language.

The people we have in mind are those who are seeking divorce because the marriage problems are so serious and, in some cases, even looking for the consolation money they deserve against un-chastity or marital infidelity conducted by the opponent.
Please contact us by telephone or e-mail to secure the appointment for
counseling with our attorney. Before contacting us please familiarize yourself with the prior knowledge about us as follows:

Name of our office: Marunouchi Soleil Law Office Professional Corporation



4F Kishimoto Bldg., 2-2-1, Marunouchi,
Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo. 100-0005, Japan



1) Four (4) minute walk from South exit of JR Tokyo Station
2) One(1) minute walk from Exit 4 of Ni-Jyuubashi Subway Stationof Chiyoda Line
3) Four (4) minute walk from Tokyo Subway Station of Marunouch Line



Telephone:+81-3-5224-3801 (Calls are welcome especially Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays)

E-Mail:Please click here(All time you can send our an E-mail.)


Convenient days and time for us for English consultations

Days of the week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday
From 10:00 a.m. through 4:00 p.m.



30,000 JPY per hour


Introduction of our office and Hisako Nakazato (Tokyo Bar Association)

This is Hisako Nakazato, Chief Attorney of Marunouchi Soleil Law Office.
We have had focused on and solved problems of divorce from the female point of view and dealt in more than 600 cases of consultation up until year 2017.
In the case where the female decide on divorce, the most important is not only that you succeed in just getting divorced but also you make it sure that you can do it at the time when the conditions surround you are at their best as you have planned life and prepared for it well enough.
In this context, when it comes to divorce, we would strongly urge you to
have a chance to listen to our guidance and recommendations as we are
well versed and have an abundant experience in the problem of divorce.
We always keep this special motto in mind, “We are happy to see you
please in front of our eyes”.
We promise that we will do our utmost to save you out of your trouble
with our affluent legal knowledge and expertise. .
So, why don’t you send us a return e-mail, briefly explaining your case of incidents


Divorce consultation fees

Please click here

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